Claudia Benson KFRP, MTI, BSc Hons

  The way to holistic health through Kinesiology with Claudia Benson, (KFRP, MTI, BSc Hons); specialising in Health Kinesiology (‘HK’).  HK uses muscle testing which is rather like dowsing, but without requiring a dowsing crystal or dowsing rod.  Claudia has Touch For Health practitioner and Systematic Kinesiology nutritional training as well as being a practitioner of Health Kinesiology, registered under the Kinesiology Federation. Reiki and Sekeim also available; or as a combination session with Kinesiology.
Health Kinesiology (‘HK’) is a holistic therapy combining acupressure with muscle testing.  It is an efficient means of finding the body priority health issues.  HK then works with these to release the strain they cause the body’s natural healing and functioning.

Health Kinesiology muscle testing involves the client lying down (clothed) with one forearm resting at right angles to the couch. Gentle pressure on the arm can check muscle resistance which is used to gauge causes of various body stresses e.g. a current life issue, a nutritional deficiency or overload, or an allergen substance, or a priority requirement for a liver or kidney detox.
The HK sessions can also be used to test you for allergies/gut sensitivities, and to find out your optimum nutritional/vitamin supplement recommendations to support detoxification and feeling well again. 
Sessions cost £50 for one hour. 3 sessions recommended, as one every 3 to 6 weeks.

For appointments at the Highgate Health Centre:

Telephone: 07727202911 0207 272 4121