Herbal Medicine

Herbalism is the use of plants and remedies derived from plants to help the body fuction more efficiently and in doing so, assist in fighting disease, redressing imbalances and restoring the bodies own equilibrium.

Plant medicine has been used since man has evolved as method of restoring health. Through the ages, our ancestors discovered that certain plants have distinct properties, this can now be scientifically proven as the the chemical constituents of plants are isolated.

Herbalists can use the whole plant extracts which contain the active properties of the plant balanced as nature intended.

Herbs and natural health programmes can be used to treat many conditions normally seen by a doctor.

Common conditions which may respond well to these programmes include -

Asthma and allergic reactions

Skin complaints such as eczema

Circulatory disorders

Digestive disorders

Gynaecological imbalances - PMT

Menapausal conditions

A range of stress related conditions

Insomnia, chronic fatigue

Natural health concentrates on eliminating the causes of disease, rather than suppressing the symptoms. These symptoms a re an important method of the body communicating with us that the body is not well and they can act as a guide in the healing process.


Nadine Masseron