Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching helps you achieve clarity, focus and create the life you really want

Life coaches have a way of encouraging people to dig deep and realise more of their full potential than they ever thought possible.

A qualified coach will help you achieve more of your personal and career potential.   It often begins with a focus on a career / life change issue but then overlaps into other areas of life, because our lives operate as a whole, not as separate categories.  

It is the single best way to accelerate your own progress and realise your personal, professional and other life goals.

The process enables a person to:

•  Identify inner resources and strengths

•  Target areas for growth

•  Promote a healthy balance between career and personal life so you can be the most happy and productive in all areas of your life

•  Uncover specific behaviours that need to change in order to enhance short-term and long-term (performance)

•  Challenge underlying thought patterns and attitudes that may be creating obstacles

•  Offer possibilities for fundamental change   that will enhance your life

•  Discover personal clarity and purpose

What are the results of coaching?

The benefits of coaching are numerous, but here are some of the most noticeable:

•  A greater sense of fulfilment and purpose in life

•  Greater feelings of joy and happiness

•  Inproved relationships - both at home and at work

•  Increased self-awareness

•  Positive self-esteem and high levels of self-confidence

•  Achievement of short-term and long-term goals

•  Better balance in all areas of your life - spiritual, relationships, financial, career, health

•  Greater influence with others

•  Accelerated progress towards your goal and life dreams

•  Clarity in your life - your personal and professional goals become more clear

•  Improved performance and increased effectiveness

•  Measurable progress towards objectives

•  Challenge and support - that extra 'push' when you need it

•  The ability to successful navigate change

How does it work?

During your coaching sessions, your coach will use incisive and searching questioning to establish where you are now, where you want to get to and what's standing in the way. Coaching is based on the fact that we all know the answers, but we sometimes need someone to prompt us into thinking through our issues and finding the right solutions.

Your coach listens to what you say , and to what you don't say, and will ask questions that you may never have thought of asking yourself.

Your coach will then work with you to break down barriers and move you forward to uncover and implement answers. Your coach helps you continually focus on your goals and keeps you on track until you reach them.

Coaching is individual and continuing , so you get one to one, long term support.

How long will I work with a coach?

Most people hire a coach for three to six months . An initial commitment of 3 months is the minimum realistic timescale in which to make lasting changes to your work and your life.

However, everyone is different , and the duration of coaching is entirely up to you. You may only need to work on a specific short time goal with your coach, or you may want coaching over a longer period of time.

What's it like to have a coach?

Having a coach is like having your own personal navigator for your life's journey.   The coach helps you chart your course and reach your destination.

Imagine having someone in your corner who is totally committed to your success.   Someone who always encourages the powerful part of you; who sees how big you can be and constantly holds up that big image for you - even when you can't hold it up for yourself.

Imagine a relationship that places the total focus on you .   A relationship with someone who helps you clarify your dreams, aspirations, passions and values, helps you celebrate your victories and learn from your setbacks as you press on towards achieving your goals...together.

Imagine the benefit of having regular conversations with a skilled, trained professional who really listens to you...not just to your words, but to your emotions, your energy and even the spaces between your words.

A coach is a professional who provides a safe and courageous space for you to move beyond superficial, inhibited, self-limiting conversations, so that you have the confidence to express even your doubts and fears... someone who helps you gain the tools and strength you need to defeat the attitudes and behaviours that have sabotaged your past success and created stress in your life.

Imagine having a trustworthy, confidential relationship with someone who will absolutely tell you the truth - the truth about where you are strong and where you sell yourself short.   Someone who knows your values and your life purpose, and will help you hold yourself true to them.   Someone who will accept everything you communicate without judgement; always seeking to draw out the very best in you.

Having a coach is kind of like that.   And more.

Get started today and learn how to embrace your natural abilities and unleash your full potential.