Mark Collin
Usui Reiki Master
Healing/Reiki Healing/NLP

We're really happy to announce that we will now be working with Mark Collin of Healing Reiki!

Mark's whole philosophy revolves around celebrating life, that once we feel balanced, centred and whole, life becomes a wonderful adventure and this is the key to his practise.

Mark has been a shining light in the world of complimentary health for over 15 years specialising in energy healing, chakra balancing and high level spiritual evolution and NLP. Mark is a Reiki master of 5 schools of Reiki, an NLP practitioner and brings together these teachings with those of Ancient Egyptian, Indian and South American schools of learning.

The work Mark channels is very deep and evolutionary while also being held in a space of fun and light heartedness which he feels is key to all elements of spiritual growth – to let go of the egos need to change and be perfect and truly remembering the essence of what we are – Love!

Energy work of this nature is very powerful and stems from a place of heart and so sessions are tailored to suit each client exactly where they are. Mark encourages us all to live from the space of the unlimited, from love and certainly with joie de vie!

If you need to let go of stress and anxiety, want to feel more connected to life and ultimately yourself and to really start living then sessions with Mark are ideal, come and see for yourself, we're sure you'll love it!

Mark can be contacted here:

Web: and
Tel: 07949056111